April 01, 2005

Black flag anarchists hounded by FBI

All your web logs are belong to us

By Paul Hales Friday 01 April 2005, 09:12

When the FBI came knocking, an anarchist at flag.blackened.net seems to have gotten a warm feeling spreading through the seat of his trousers.

Muttering about the "murderous history of the FBI," Dave, a sysadmin for the site, posted a message out in Interwebland attempting to explain why he felt compelled to hand over IP information to the Feds.

"I am the sole support for my wife and infant daughter," writes our hero. "I never, ever, ever drink and drive," he whines. "If I end up dead by strange means - contact the FBI in Chico, California for more details."

Dave says "proven murderers and automatons for the state" representing Oakland FBI got in touch to ask for the IP addresses of certain correspondents with the site, about whom we don’t learn much, other than Dave feels they stitched him up.

Now, feeling "like a coward and traitor to my comrades," Dave is too worried not to comply.

But he can’t elaborate too much: "I hate to have to keep my mouth shut in areas where the Gestapo is involved, but I also have to weigh things against the overall security of flag and it's subdomains and also the wellbeing of my family."

"Freedom of speech does not exist, don't try to test it. They will come bust down your door - for real - point a gun to your head and pull the trigger if you refuse to comply, writes Dave.